Robert Lawson, Food Strategy Associates’ CEO, features in The Grocer giving his views on alternative protein innovators

Food Strategy Associates are thought leaders in the alternative protein market. Food Strategy CEO, Robert Lawson, gave his views on some exciting alternative protein startups in The Grocer. As previous MD of Quorn and having worked on several projects in the space, Robert offers insight into meat extenders, key ingredients and emerging technologies. See an excerpt of the article below:

Remember when Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods were the hot new things in ‘fake meat’? Now they’re firmly part of the establishment. Beyond went public with a record-breaking IPO. Impossible is on sale in Burger King. And consumer expectations keep rising.

So who are the new innovators racing to rewrite the rules of the alternative protein market? Who are the new kids on the block set to disrupt the disruptors? Here’s our pick of five exciting startups to have on your radar

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