Leading advisors to the plant-based food industry

Unmatched Experience

Our experience across service capabilities & plant-based technologies, our network of expert associates, our global market insight, and our investment database provide significant value to plant-based businesses and investors.

We have completed over 20 plant-based food & dairy projects in the last three years across Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Case Studies

Our service capabilities

  • Market feasibility
  • Business strategy
  • Brand development & commercial support
  • GTM strategy
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Due diligence
  • Fundraising support
Food Strategy staff discussion

"fruitful relationships based on mutual trust."

We have consulted across technologies and products

  • Mycoprotein and biomass fermentation
  • Cell-based meat / cultivated meat
  • Tofu and seitan technologies
  • Precision fermentation
  • High-moisture extrusion
  • Yellow pea proteins
  • Mushroom proteins
  • Soy and wheat based proteins
  • Novel proteins (potato)
  • Vegetable-based
  • Plant-based milk
  • Plant-based yoghurt and desserts
  • Oil & nut based cheeses
Plant based meat being cooked in the pan

Our Network

Not only do we have extensive experience of running plant-based businesses, we have an extensive network of contacts across the plant based world.

We have links to C-suite executives in almost all of the world’s leading plant based food businesses across every category of the market.


Market Insight

We have purchased, commissioned, and built data on plant-based markets across most regions in the past 3 years: 

    • Scan data; meat alternatives in the US, UK, Germany & Netherlands, and dairy alternatives in UK, Germany & Spain
    • Consumer research; across the UK, Continental Europe, North America and the Middle East
    • Store audits; across UK, Continental Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South Asia
    • Retailer web scraping; across countless retailers in the US and Western Europe
Image of supermarket isle with plant-based product

"fruitful relationships based on mutual trust."

Plant Based Database

    • We are unique amongst strategy consulting firms in maintaining a global protein alternatives investment database
    • We track more than 350 plant-based early stage businesses
    • We monitor funding levels by technology, product type and geography so we can evaluate the VC funds’ priority targets and which are generating the most interest

"fruitful relationships based on mutual trust."