The world’s biggest meat supplier separating its plant-based business – Robert Lawson gives his views in Bloomberg

JBS S.A., the world’s biggest meat supplier, is setting up a new company for it’s global plant-based business. Brazil-based JBS recognise that the role of plant-based protein will be key in the future to help meet the protein needs of a growing global population.

Robert Lawson, Managing Partner, gave his views to Bloomberg last week, regarding keeping a meat and plant-based business separate. Robert Lawson was previously CEO of Quorn, the global leader in meat substitutes, and Food Strategy Associates have worked extensively in plant-based markets.

Below is an excerpt from the article. See the full article in Bloomberg here.

Robert said that separating the meat business from a plant-based business is good due to cultural differences; the meat business will be focussed on profit maximisation, whereas a plant-based business should be focussed on capturing market share.

The winner in plant-based “isn’t the business who made profits each year and captured 1% share of the market… it’s the company who invested in making the best products and built the best brand. The objective is to capture as much of the growth as you can and manage the profitability later”

Robert Lawson, Bloomberg