Inflation and Sales Study for a Multinational Packaging Company



Our client is a food packaging company that covers the UK & Continental Europe across several different food categories. To understand price and volume changes across the categories and countries, the client asked Food Strategy Associates to analyze scan data and provide desk research to substantiate the analysis.

What we did

FSA reviewed and quality checked the scan data, and conducted a focused analysis to provide the following:

  • An analysis of price inflation and volume performance across the different categories and countries to understand movements across different periods, including pre-COVID, during COVID, and the post-COVID / inflationary pressures environment
  • Macroeconomic insights and category trends across different countries to understand reasons for movements
  • Real household disposable income data, retailer share movements, and consumer confidence to understand consumer behaviour across countries
  • Insights on future expectations regarding inflationary pressures and category trends
  • In addition, FSA prepared the data and methodology to hand over to the client

Results delivered

Our client now has an in-depth understanding of category trends across the set of countries, and has the capability to continue the research further