Strategy for a Well-Known Foodservice and Media Brand to Enter UK Grocery


We advised a well-known foodservice and media brand on route-to-market strategy for UK grocery. They asked for our help in assessing brand licensing and co-manufacturing opportunities, including financial modelling of alternatives to understand cost and resource requirements.

What we did

FSA assembled a team to work with the client over a 6-week period to answer critical questions on the attractiveness of alternatives routes to market. Over the course of the project we:

  • Reviewed and analysed documents provided by management including brand strategy, financial performance, and commissioned consumer research
  • Conducted analysis on the client’s target categories using various data sources to map competitive landscape
  • Interviewed experts with licensing experience in relevant categories and former employment at potential partners
  • Modelled the P&L impacts of licensing and co-man routes to market, detailing expected margins, budget and resource requirements
  • Identified and profiled potential suppliers for each route to market. We evaluated their capabilities, suitability for co-manufacturing and licensing, and their likelihood to engage with the client

Results delivered

FSA proposed a hitherto unconsidered approach to brand licensing. The client opted to pursue a brand licensing strategy. FSA delivered a workshop to align management on approach for pitching to and negotiating with potential licensees. Client engaged FSA on a further project to facilitate introductions to potential licensees.