Commercial Strategy followed by Vendor CDD for a Leading European Active Nutrition Manufacturer


Our Client, a European co-manufacturer of bars and powders for sports nutrition and powdered drinks was looking for support in the validation/development of a 3-year commercial plan and the development of a VCDD report.

What we did

We ran a three-phase project with the client:

  • In Phase 1 we sought to develop a shared understanding of the market and competitive landscape (and our position within it), and internal business performance and capabilities
  • Gathered and analysed market, business financial, and benchmark data on 7 European markets to deepen our understanding of the market and competitive landscape
  • Ran an interview programme of >35 interviews – internal business management, recognised industry experts incl brand owners, other co manufacturers and retailers and major customers
    in Phase 2 we ran a series of working sessions with the client and their PE owners to make informed where to play and how to play decisions. Collectively we set market – category – customer priorities
  • In the final phase, we worked with the client to hone the plan and be specific about the actions
  • Concurrent with the two final phases, we prepared a commercial due diligence report to support the client in an eventual fundraise or sale process.

Results delivered

The primary output was a set of clear commercial priorities, alignment across the management team and the PE investor to those priorities, and a VDD report reflecting the strategy.

In addition, the client made several immediate actions as a direct result of our work including revising order quantities on NPD, revisiting cost allocations and profitability for key lines and consequential reprioritisation, directly responding to customer feedback received, and reorganising the sales team.

We also connected them with business contacts including distributors in emerging markets (a focus market for a specific BU).