Private Label Strategy for a German-based biscuit manufacturer


Markets: UK, Germany


A major German-based biscuit manufacturer with sales across Europe appointed Food Strategy Associates to help with their private label strategy in Germany and the UK. Their private label business is substantial and they wanted strategic input on improving business performance.

What we did

We reviewed the customer base, commercial approach, role of the private label products and their manufacturing to help them navigate through focussing their business. We achieved this through:

  • Customer interviews
  • Store audits in the UK and Germany with our proprietary methodology
  • Comprehensive mapping of private label suppliers by retailer and product segment
  • Built a market share map for all key biscuit categories in the UK and Germany
  • Scan data analysis


By triangulating different data sources, FSA helped determine where our client should play, which customers they should focus on and how private label should interact with their branded business with the overall business structure.

The client enjoyed working with FSA, describing it as an “amazing experience (helped by the seniority of the team), unrivalled interviews and unique consulting analysis”. They immediately moved to execute our recommendations and re-focus the priorities of the business