Market Research and RTM Strategy for a Novel Plant-based Ingredient Player



Our client is a well-funded start-up planning to manufacture a novel mycoprotein with a wide range of potential applications spanning meat and dairy alternatives, and sports nutrition.

What we did

They asked for our support in developing a go-to-market strategy in Europe, MENA and India: which segments to target, what propositions to use, which customers to target, what branding strategies to adopt, and what partners to prioritise.

  • Segmented, sized, analysed and projected 20+ geographic markets for both animal-based products and non-animal substitutes: conducted 50+ in-person supermarket audits, mapped QSR deals, scraped retailer websites, mapped channel splits and trends, and referenced a wide range of high-quality international data sources.
  • Conducted online and in-person consumer research in 7 prioritised territories
  • Identified and profiled a wide range of potential partners across MENA and Europe; interviewed senior managers and market experts sourced via FSA and 3rd-party networks
  • Highlighted go-to-market challenges and tradeoffs: developed frameworks, held meetings and in-person workshops with client senior team

Results delivered

  • Developed client team consensus around a set of realistic and implementable strategic options
  • Built client long-term understanding of the market to guide future decision-making
  • Client successfully raised high 8-figure funding to support the project