Operations Study for an International Cheese Manufacturer


Markets: Germany, UK, France, Italy


Our client, an international cheese manufacturer, asked Food Strategy Associates to conduct an Operations Study on one of their subsidiaries, aimed at improving efficiency and profitability.

What we did

Food Strategy Associates worked closely with the client across 5 different workstreams:

  • Evaluating the approach to by-products and how the income from them could be maximised
  • Examining the manufacturing operations
  • Reviewing how the company operates within the wider group
  • Assessing the profitability of the business
  • Exploring the commercial potential of the business

To research these workstreams we:

  • Interviewed over 20 people across the group
  • Interviewed industry-leading experts
  • Worked closely with Industrial team to understand and build on transformation plans
  • Reviewed data files uploaded by client, including major strategy and operational improvement projects
  • Conducted desk research
  • Field store and online audits in 3 markets
  • Analysed scan data for three main markets


  • We developed a detailed and phased ops transformation plan that would deliver a near 50% increase in contribution and significantly simplify operations, reducing emissions by over 2/3rds in the process
  • The recommendation was accepted in full by Exec and Board with several initiatives commenced thereafter
  • The project led to subsequent engagements with client