Operational Planning for a Desserts Business


We were asked by our client – a fast-growing desserts business – to formulate a cutover plan to transfer their production to a new site and, model capacity and cost implications of four scenarios for their future operational footprint

What we did

Building on our existing knowledge of the business from previous projects, we:

  • Developed a comprehensive capacity model to show the throughput of their existing and planned site
  • Refined the capacity model to shape a more feasible plan for cutover, helping them understand how to balance supply and demand as the new site ramps up
  • Developed a cost model to estimate the resulting labour and manufacturing overhead costs of the proposed cutover plan

When the ramp-up of the new site was agreed, we analysed the capacity and cost implications of four scenarios for their future footprint. During this we:

  • Defined and agreed the detail for the four scenarios
  • Expanded the capacity modeling to illustrate the four scenarios
  • Estimated the cost to achieve and OpEx (labour, logistics & manufacturing overheads) for each scenario to enable a comparison
  • Reviewed the non-financial implications of each scenario, including cultural and risk implications
  • Developed a report for the board outlining the cutover plan and comparison of the four scenarios to inform their future planning

Results delivered

We delivered a clear report that informed a revised ramp-up plan and design for the new site, provided confidence that the business had sufficient capacity to meet demand and a model that will continue to be used by the Supply Chain Director within their business.