North Africa Juice & Dairy Strategy Advice

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Markets: North Africa


The new CEO of a major North African dairy and fruit juice company appointed FSA to assist in a high-level strategy review and in the development of a presentation to his Group.

What we did

We reviewed the past 3 years of business performance, assessing the business positioning and key drivers in the context of its markets and key competitors. We critiqued Management’s past “strategic review” papers and presentations, encouraging a much greater level of evidence/data-based prioritisation and focus. We also ran a training workshop for Management on strategy development in preparation for the meeting with their Group Board. This was achieved through:

  • Review of business financials and updating financial methods where necessary
  • Scan data analysis for market positioning
  • Periodic training sessions with management


FSA were able to produce an analysis to be presented to the Board that was succinct and illustrated key competitive performance drivers across its categories and brands. Most importantly it helped Management to define a set of clear strategic priorities upon which to focus the business over a three-year time horizon to improve business performance. Specifically, FSA coupled scan data analysis of the markets the business operated in with business financials segmented by product type to explain the current performance of the business. Following the Board meeting, our client reported back that the meeting with his Group Board had been very favourably received and that FSA had delivered all that he’d hoped for and more.