Selecting a New Plant-based Technology for a Leading Meat Alternative Player



Our client is a European-based food multinational, with a strong domestic market position in plant-based meat alternatives. They asked for Food Strategy Associates’ assistance to identify and adopt a new plant-based food technology, which would give our client a relevant, differentiated proposition vs others in the category

What we did

We adopted a three-phase approach, the first phase a diagnostic module focusing on understanding the local consumer, market, performance and competition as well as internal capabilities, assets and constraints. We interviewed key management stakeholders; analysed market scan data and internal sales and margin data; reviewed market, brand and consumer research; reviewed value-chain technologies used by client and competitors.

The second phase focused on identifying and describing potential technologies for adoption; we identified and described existing and developing technologies; segmented and analysed leading geographic markets by technology and application; interviewed and profiled leading competitors as exemplars of prioritised technologies; held retail visits and a client tasting session in a leading market.

The final phase focused on prioritising and selecting technologies according to client criteria and identifying routes to adoption (eg: partner vs. build) . We held a client workshop with key stakeholders in order to prioritise options.

Results delivered

  • Developed client understanding of market and consumer drivers
  • Highlighted limitations implied by client’s traditional approach, focused on organic products and processes
  • Positive decision by client to refocus on core channels, and brands