Market sector entry strategy


Markets: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

Our client is a multinational packaging business supplying plastic trays to a range of food application markets. In their efforts to expand in Northern Europe they were interested in understanding the market for Food to Go trays in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

Packaging data at any level of detail was not available and so we collected the data from scratch, including tray material, labelling and exact food type – 20,000 facings in total, across the 3 countries. Data we collected included packaging technology, including injection moulding, tray material, outer material, printed trays, closure method and material, brand or, if private label, producer if shown and tray supplier. Tray volumes estimated from a number of facings.

We interviewed Food to Go manufacturers in the relevant segments to understand trends in packaging purchasing, their packaging requirements and current suppliers. From this, we were able to build up a map of the attractive segments, the large and small food manufacturers operating in this space and the competitor tray manufacturers supplying the different materials.