Market opportunities – UK Halal Meat


Markets: UK

In 2016, Food Strategy Associates worked with a meat processor to assess the opportunity for halal meat within the UK grocery market.

The client was a red meat processor, primarily focused on the supply of halal meat to wholesalers and following the acquisition of the business by private equity investors they were interested in exploring the supply of packaged meat to multiple retail grocers.

To understand and assess the market in grocery, we undertook an audit of the halal and non-halal meat market in 7 cities across the UK. The audit process involves logging full information available on the fixture in a broad swathe of supermarkets to build up a comprehensive picture of a market, in terms of price, promotion, brand, product format, packaging format, number of facings and position on the fixture. By cross-referencing this data with scan and panel data, a full picture of a market emerges.
In conjunction with store audit research, we commissioned consumer research through an ethnically focused research agency and developed a qualitative and quantitative assessment of Muslim consumer preferences in different parts of the UK and of different ethnic backgrounds.

Working with the management we developed a number of options for developing a grocery offering and made recommendations on how to capture this growing market opportunity