Strategy development for a leading Southern European branded food manufacturer


Markets: Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Sweden

Our client was a leading branded ambient food player operating in Southern Europe and Benelux. The brief was to work with management to develop investment priorities based on a review of the total European food sector with the objective to find organic growth which could be accessed through greenfield market entry or through acquisition.

The project began with an assessment of the existing businesses to identify business capabilities, brand strength, business improvement opportunities. This provided a basis for an evaluation of fit with opportunities later in the project.

We undertook a review of trends impacting the European food market. This included an assessment of mega-trends and the fundamental drivers of those trends to understand their sustainability. We then reviewed the entire European food market, identifying segments of the market that were growing underpinned by these trends.

We explored alternative growth strategies through the development of case studies of successful and unsuccessful approaches to growth within the food sector

Through a series of workshops, we worked with the senior management of the business to focus strategic priorities around a manageable number of priority opportunity areas, by geography and by category. We then explored entry routes both organic and acquisition led, profiled businesses for acquisition and developed a set of M&A targets.