International Market Entry Strategy for a UK Chilled Desserts Manufacturer


Markets: USA, Spain


Our client, a market leader in the UK chilled desserts category, appointed Food Strategy Associates to advise on market entry strategies for Spain and the USA and to build robust and credible business plans.

What we did

With a tight timeframe, we assembled a team quickly, leveraging our network of associates to work with industry experts in the USA and Spain. To build recommended strategies and business plans, we conducted a range of research, working closely with the client. We:

  • Analysed available market data for USA & Spain
  • Analysed the results of the Usage & Attitude survey for the USA & Spain
  • Interviewed three industry experts in the USA
  • Interviewed leading Spanish dairy companies and distributors
  • Assessed GTM and distribution models with recommendations
  • Performed detailed research on four case studies in the USA
  • Analysed Retail Link data to assess a relevant product launch in the USA
  • Conducted Store audits, Performed online web scraping and pricing analysis of 8 retailers in the USA & Spain
  • Built and tested a bottom-up P&L for USA and Spain launches


Developed robust business plans backed up by detailed financial models that would see our client establish a foothold in both the US and Spanish markets, with clear next steps to launch