Sale of LINPAC


Markets: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Australia, Russia

LINPAC, a multinational packaging business supplying trays and lidding film to a range of application markets, but primarily focused on protein and fruit, required a vendor due diligence report to support the sale of the business.

Our report focused on sales trends and market share in UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Poland in protein packaging, a global review of fruit packaging and assessment of food-to-go packaging in Spain and UK. In order to develop market share estimates, we developed an approach based on store audits across a number of European markets – logging the packaging type and packaging suppliers for over 100,000 facings in the protein shelves of supermarkets across Europe.

We analysed market trends to develop projections of market growth by type of packaging. We interviewed over 20 customers across a number of European markets to develop a customer perspective of the client business.


The report was a key element of the sale process which ultimately concluded with a successful sale to Klockner Pentaplast another leading food packaging group.

Daniel Dayan, Chairman and CEO said:

“We initially worked with Food Strategy Associates on market and strategy reviews in a number of Continental European markets, and based on their success in illuminating attractive, niche segments, subsequently engaged them to support fundraising and a sale process in 2016. FSA were able to add value both operationally and corporately through their ingenuity in problem-solving in market analysis, strategic insight, ability to access senior executives in retailers and food processors and their experience in dealing effectively with senior management, banks and investors. Food Strategy Associate’s partners are seasoned industry executives, who quickly grasp the issues facing management and who can rapidly bring experienced horsepower to bear.”