Go To Market Strategy for a Protein Alternative Start-up



Our client is a well-funded start-up with IP to develop a novel mycoprotein with a wide range of potential applications spanning meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, sports nutrition, and other applications where protein is supplemented. They asked for our support in developing a go-to-market strategy in North America and Western Europe. Which segments to target, which customers to target, how to reach those target customers?

What we did

We identified priority segments by applying web-scraping tools and analysis across all major food segments in the US to identify the quantity of added protein in each food segment.  Then through a series of interviews, we validated our analysis and confirmed priority segments.

Within these priority segments, we then managed an interview program with senior technical and procurement managers within priority segments. These interviews focused on ascertaining the likelihood of purchasing our client’s products in the future and what would be required to convert interest to sale. We also focused on competition in the market and developed a view on future competitive intensity in this fast-emerging market.

Results delivered

We identified a small number of priority segments and priority target customers for our client. Our client is re-focusing R&D efforts on these segments and has entered discussions with target customers. We are now working with them on developing the next level of insight in focusing the go-to-market strategy.