Global Brand Positioning & Strategic Roadmap for a Baked Goods Brand


Our client is one of the world’s leading food companies and had recently acquired a fast-growing branded business in baked goods operating in the UK and the US.

They asked us to create a Global brand positioning and proposition with detailed brand model to drive business performance both in existing markets and across potential international markets. We were also asked to provide a detailed strategic roadmap to drive revenues from $200m to $1bn over 7 years, at global scale.

What we did

We ran a multi-phased project over 12 weeks:

  • In Phase 1 we develop a shared understanding with management of the brand’s history, the market and business performance drivers via management interviews, analysing all market and consumer data and market visits
  • In Phase 2 we conducted detailed market analysis of the existing business in both the UK and US, and in parallel conducted in-depth market and consumer quantitative and qualitative research covering the brand and the business. This allowed us to quantify the growth potential of current portfolio and innovation opportunities down to channel and customer-level. The consumer research enabled us to build a consumer-informed brand positioning and proposition which we then refined with management via a series of workshops
  • Phase 3 focused on the international opportunity, using our bespoke ‘market attractiveness/fit to brand/ease of entry’ model to deliver a prioritised, phased recommendation of country-by-country market entry

Our approach throughout was highly collaborative with 7 core meetings over the 12 weeks with both the clients themselves and management of the acquired company, covering fortnightly steering meetings, research debriefs, creative workshops, and final presentations.

Results delivered

We delivered a compelling global brand proposition built to last and to travel across international markets, with 100% buy-in from both the client and the acquired company.

We built a detailed growth roadmap which identified, down to channel and customer level, specific growth opportunities in the core markets from both existing and new products, quantifying the size of prize from each opportunity in each country.

We quantified the international opportunity market-by-market over time, adding this to the core market analysis which delivered a revenue outcome of >$1bn over the 7-year period.

The detailed work delivered has been used directly by the client as a basis for strategic and annual operating plans in the business.