France, Italy and Poland protein packaging market review and strategy development


Our client is a multinational packaging business supplying trays and lidding film to a range of application markets but primarily focused on protein markets.

Initially, the focus of the project was the French marketplace. The challenge for the business was both to understand what the state of the market was today in the absence of any reliable market data, to understand the competitive challenges based in part on the views of customers and to develop a strategy that reflected the market and the trends impacting the market.

We developed an approach to estimate market shares in the market by auditing supermarkets across the country. This involved identification of packaging type and packaging supplier for protein in-store and estimating the share of market-based upon facings analysis weighted by retailer share and store format. Across the 3 countries, we audited 55 stores and 78,000 facings and collected data on protein type, brand/private label, processor, tray manufacturer, tray material/type and lid material/type.

We approached customers (retailers and meat processors) and machine suppliers to explore with them the developments in the industry and the critical success factors in the market and applying our strategic market assessment methodology developed a clear view on the relative attractiveness of market segments and therefore on where to compete.