For a leading US based biscuit manufacturer


Markets: UK. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark

For one of the global giants in the food industry we developed a market entry strategy for one of their divisions

Our client, one of the largest food companies in the world, operates a division with a limited international footprint. We were asked to work with them to develop a strategy for entering Europe.

The challenge was to identify the attractive countries to operate in and identify viable entry strategies for those countries. We undertook an assessment of the economic attractiveness of the grocery market and the category attractiveness in each major European country. We analysed basic economic data, grocery industry data, market pricing, category dynamics and competitive dynamics and concluded which markets were to be avoided and which ones were to be pursued.

We reviewed the brand portfolio of our client and identified the potential for brand transfer into each European geography of the major brands.

Based on interviews with industry participants and research of public data we developed profiles of each of the major industry participants, their assets, management capabilities, product and brand portfolio and financial performance. We looked at partnership options with each player as well as evaluating each participant for acquisition.

A presentation and workshop with our client the Divisional MD and senior team, then reviewed each of the strategic options and identified a preferred option to be pursued. We continue to work with our client to implement that option.

What our client said after the project:

On behalf of the team many thanks to you all for some terrific conversations. I got great feedback on the format of the workshop and on the richness of the background materials.

Thanks again for the great partnership on this work.