Commercial Strategy for a Plant-based Brand Exploring Expansion Opportunities into Foodservice



Our Client, a UK based plant-based foods manufacturer and brand was looking for support to explore expansion into foodservice, having successfully built a leading plant-based brand in UK retail. Our client wanted to understand the most attractive and economically viable segments within foodservice, how to access these channels and who to approach.

What we did

To provide a robust and detailed recommendation we:

  • Analysed the UK foodservice market structure including channel split (outlets and revenue), growth & market size
  • Sized the plant-based market in foodservice and the relevant segment within this
  • Identified leading operators in relevant foodservice channels
  • Assessed and quantified the capability requirements to access channels within foodservice
  • Conducted interviews with Heads of Foodservice Sales representatives at plant-based brands and Procurement Directors at relevant foodservice channels
  • Analysed menus of leading operators in relevant channels
  • Detailed super-trends impacting foodservice

The primary output was a set of clear channel prioritisations, key customers to approach, capabilities required to access these channels. We also provided inputs into the business’ 3-year forward plan (net sales and estimated overhead costs).

Results delivered

Based on our recommendation, our client has approached the prioritised operators and are engaging to discuss future opportunities