EU Operations Expansion for a UK Chilled Desserts Manufacturer


Following on from an initial capacity evaluation exercise, a leading UK chilled desserts company asked FSA to assist in selecting the optimum country from which to operate a new European facility, an Industrial Property Consultant to identify an appropriate site, and an Engineering Project Management Consultant to deliver the new facility

What we did

Country Selection

  • FSA liaised with four national Inward Investment Agencies and several regional equivalents to gather information and data across four main strands; economic environment, labour, building and culture
  • These materials were rigorously analysed alongside detailed centre of gravity analysis using client supply chain data. This enabled an objective comparison between the countries, culminating in an overall rank for each
  • Numerous company reference calls were organised to gain first-hand accounts of their experiences in setting-up and operating in each of the considered countries

Industrial Property Consultant Selection

  • FSA devised a detailed and tailored site criteria curated by our Process Engineering Expert Associate
  • After receiving and analysing proposals from several multi-national IPCs, FSA carried out interviews with the final candidates ahead of selection

Engineering Project Management Consultant Selection

  • FSA completed a full tender exercise from the initial shortlisting of suppliers through to detailed cost and resourcing analysis to evaluate proposed offerings, conducting interviews and site reference calls, and finally carrying out cost negotiation using our Procurement expert


Our Client chose their desired location, an Industrial Property Consultant was selected to search for a site within this, and an Engineering Project Management Consultant was appointed to take the project through to the next phase and make the capacity expansion a reality.