Competitor Insights for a Major Meat Alternatives Company



Our Client, one of the largest meat-alternative companies in Europe and the subsidiary of a global multi-national were experiencing a period of rapid growth but were experiencing a number of operational challenges (increased costs, low levels of agility) owing to a sub-optimal Supply Chain. As part of a project to redesign their Supply Chain we were asked to gather insights into the Supply Chains of other major meat alternative companies and comment on their current strategy based on what we learned.

What we did

FSA conducted a comprehensive review of the competitors supply chain models, combining extensive desk research with 10+ expert interviews of supply chain leads at alt-meat companies. As part of the assignment, FSA:

  • Outlined the different supply chain models (insourcing vs. outsourcing) and technologies employed (e.g., high moisture extrusion) by the competitors – from raw material sourcing to warehousing and distribution with the pros and cons of each model
  • Highlighted how competitors were expanding capacity (organically or through co-man partnerships)
  • Reviewed financial statements to determine gross profit and EBITDA margins for each competitor
  • FSA also worked with the client to critique their existing supply chain model and highlight areas which could make their supply chain more efficient


Over a two-week period, we were able to speak to former executives at all ten of the largest meat alternative companies in the world and gather detailed insight into the end-to-end supply chains incl. capacities, process technology, future plans and pros / cons of existing operations. Having presented our findings to the global supply chain officer, we were asked to present the conclusions to the global Foods executive.