Strategic Advisory for Major Middle Eastern and African Drink and Dairy Player



Our client, one of the largest drinks and dairy players in Egypt, needed support in the development of their 5-year strategy plan and the creation of a presentation for their parent company, one of the leading branded food producers in the Middle East and Africa. We worked with the CEO, VP of Dairy, and the rest of the management team to build the plan.

What we did

To achieve our objective, Food Strategy Associates employed the following:

  • Analysis of historical and forecasted business performance, presenting it in a clear and structured format
  • Analysis of regional macro factors given that the region has high GDP growth, significantly high inflation, and a risky exchange rate
  • Analysis of historical and forecasted market performance across the key categories of the group, taking the high inflation forecast and exchange rate fluctuations into consideration
  • Collaboration with senior and junior management to gather feedback on current corporate strategy and develop initiatives
  • Using the analyses stated above, provided a review and enhancement of the current corporate strategy of the group, redefining the plan into a strategy focused on 4 core themes and a set of initiatives, and provided an understanding of the expected impact of this plan on group revenue and profit

Results delivered

Following the completion of the presentation, the CEO had a successful meeting with the parent group, and now has a clear and well-defined strategy plan to follow and achieve over the next 5 years.