Capacity Expansion Evaluation for UK Chilled Desserts Manufacturer


Following on from a strategy review of the overall business, a leading UK chilled desserts company asked FSA to conduct an evaluation study into existing capacity and to develop a supply strategy to meet both forecast demand and future NPD requirements

What we did

  • FSA built a proprietary capacity model incorporating throughput, historic and future Overall Equipment Effectiveness, planned and unplanned downtime estimates and product mix impact, to understand the client’s immediate and long-term supply gap given an aggressive new demand signal across product types and countries
  • FSA evaluated 5 different capacity expansion scenarios which varied from refurbishing an existing production line or installing a new production line at the current facility (with and without expanding the footprint) to opening a new European facility
  • In addition to quantifying the impact that each capacity increase scenario would have in meeting the demand forecast using our capacity modelling, FSA developed cost to achieve (CTA) estimates, delivery programme lengths and factory layouts using our Process Engineering Expert Associate


  • FSA helped the client understand the supply challenges they faced relative to their demand signal, developed an array of solutions, and ultimately guided the identification of the scenario that would best suit their needs in an interactive and attentive manner
  • At this point, the project evolved naturally into a second phase to begin realising the selected expansion scenario