Markets: UK

Duerr’s is a mid-sized preserve and condiments business; family-owned and operating in branded and own label arenas. Mark Duerr, the CEO of the business asked us to work with him and his senior management team to provide cost benchmarks and refine a strategy for the business. The challenge was to develop something practical for management to grip and feel ownership of.

We analysed market trends, brand and own label performance and profitability, areas of growth and decline. We reviewed historical financial and customer data on the business and analysed the factory operations. Through our network of industry contacts, we undertook a benchmark of costs in each of the product areas of the business. We undertook brand benchmarking and also sought customer feedback on performance relative to other players in the spreads retail market.

We identified a number of opportunities for the business to drive faster and more profitable growth as well as some areas where the opportunities are less attractive. We also identified key business processes which could be reinforced. We worked with management to prioritise areas for focus and developed a visual description of the business strategy which could be used by Mark and his team to track progress on strategy implementation.

Mark Duerr said:

Food Strategy Associates did a great job for us. They analysed our business and shed new light on how we performed relative to the competition and why. They then worked to develop practical actions for us to pursue to improve our business profitability. They have identified some key areas for process improvement and we are pursuing those, focusing some of our existing capabilities and bringing new talent into the business to deliver a better service for our customers and consumers. I am delighted with the work they have done for us.