Outside-in assessment of a major UK ambient food manufacturer


Markets: UK


Our client, a private equity fund, appointed Food Strategy Associates to provide an assessment of a major public UK ambient grocery manufacturer as a potential investment opportunity.

What we did

  1. Analysed a large amount of scan data to understand the historical market performance of the company across its variety of brands and segments and its performance during Covid-19. This was supplemented by Euromonitor analysis of smaller segments to build a picture of the addressable market size for the business. We also conducted store audits.
  2. Conducted brand assessments supplemented with extensive desk research and identified potential opportunities, including M&A, that the business could pursue if acquired.
  3. Performed a supply chain assessment by examining the current manufacturing footprint and a view of its capacity and utilisation, recent capex investment and feasibility of new lines
  4. Interviewed ex-executives of the target company
  5. Interviewed retail buyers to understand perceptions of the business and its brands and strengths of relationships


Our client ultimately did not pursue the investment but were very happy with the high-quality work within a short timeframe.