Acquisition of CGL Pack


Markets: France

Faerchplast is a world leader in cPET packaging for ready meals and a major player in PET food-to-go packaging and technologies. The business was considering the acquisition of CGL Pack, a market leader in PET based food packaging in France for use in Food-to-Go and Meat packaging. We were asked to evaluate the potential for CGL and Faerch to grow in these market segments within France.

We undertook a market assessment, market sizing and market share evaluation of packaging formats and packaging manufacturers in Food-to-Go and Meat segments through our proprietary store based audit methodology and identified market shares of the target in each segment based on an audit of circa 10,000 facings across the two categories.

We interviewed major packaging buyers across the major market segments and developed a detailed understanding of the prospects for the target.

Faerchplast acquired CGL in Q2 2018