Business & Brand Strategy

Good decisions taken now, lead to long‑term success

Delivering results for your business

The most successful businesses regularly revisit and review their strategies, not least when there are changes to the business, be they internal or within the market. Perhaps a new leadership team is in place, the market is in flux or there are indications that the business is not performing as well as it should.

Whatever the circumstance, we believe that successful strategy development is about smart business analysis guided by experience of market realities.

"Success through partnership"

Success through ownership and action

There is no doubt that the best and most successful strategies are those developed in partnership with and owned by a leadership team committed to carrying it through.

A successful strategy is an actionable one. All too often, huge amounts of money are spent on complex strategies developed by consultants working at arm’s length. Our approach is always to ensure that good clear thinking gets turned into an actionable strategy, one which your team are whole-heartedly behind.


Guiding decisions, planning for change

Our Founders and Associates have developed and implemented corporate, business and integrated functional strategies for leading food companies operating in branded and own label supply. Across ambient, chilled and frozen categories in developed and emerging markets.

Specialists in the food and drinks industry, we help our clients make often difficult decisions and come to a shared understanding and purpose. In delivering the best strategy for your business, we would consider:

  • Corporate and Business Strategy
  • Brand and Customer Strategy
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Implementation
  •  Business Planning and Strategy Implementation
  • Developing and Communicating Strategies to Maximise Business Value on Exit
  • Change Programme Management