Food Strategy Associates Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Robert and I founded Food Strategy Associates in 2012 because we saw an opportunity to launch a better strategic consulting offer than was available at the time in our industry.

Compared with the many one-man-band advisors, we would offer considerably more analytical horsepower, as well as both deeper and broader food industry expertise gained through our own experience alongside that of trusted board-level associates.

Versus the traditional, larger strategic consultancies, our Partners and Associates would offer considerably more hands-on senior experience of running food businesses, delivering the projects, and not just the pitches. We would provide output with insight & analysis leading to actionable, tailored solutions too often missing from the reports of these larger competitors.

We believed our offer would be of equal value to both corporate clients and to private equity and other financial investors in the food industry.

And so it has proven.

Over the last 10 years Food Strategy Associates has successfully grown into a leading business advisor to the Food & Drink industry in the UK, Europe and beyond, focused on M&A and strategic projects:

Our core team has increased from 2 to 20 people
Our expertise has grown to cover all categories and temperature regimes in branded, private label and B2B across manufacturing, marketing and sales
We now also offer deep specialism in the fast-developing market for plant-based meat & dairy alternatives, and food & drink packaging
We have developed our international presence with projects spanning from North America to the Middle East, from Australia to Japan and covering almost every market in Europe
We have worked with hundreds of clients, both in the Food & Drink industry and investors in the sector
We are now the #1 supplier of Commercial & Operational Due Diligence in UK Food & Drink and #2 in Europe1
And our growth momentum is increasing

Most importantly, we have created great relationships over the period, and our clients value (and enjoy!) working with us; 70% of our clients have engaged us for repeat business.

A lot has changed since 2012 but the value of deep Food & Drink industry knowledge & experience in combination with top-tier strategy consultants & analysts is perhaps more critical now than at any point in our 10-year history.

Over the coming weeks, we will be marking our anniversary with a series of articles and thought pieces looking back at past learnings, current issues, and future predictions.

We would like to thank all our clients for their support over the last 10 years. We look forward to the coming 10 years with excitement! Please contact us to find out how our unique consultancy model can support your business development.